Acqua di Parma is a lifestyle, an attitude conveyed through the pursuit of beauty in all places and in all deeds. The art of hand writing is just one of the daily luxuries that forms part of a quintessential Italian lifestyle.

In order to bring the best of this exquisite art to its customers, Acqua di Parma has partnered with Aurora, an historical brand that shares the same values of timeless elegance and Italian craftsmanship, for which both brands are ambassadors on the international stage.

The art of handwriting, as interpreted by Acqua di Parma finds a new, captivating expression in two exclusive creations: a fountain pen and a ball pen whose every detail – from materials to manufacture to decoration – show all the hallmarks of the Acqua di Parma world. The craftsmanship and technical prowess that characterizes all writing instruments manufactured by Aurora make these objects even more precious.

These pens perfectly convey the codes of Acqua di Parma through their design which strikes the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

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