Italian Tradition


In 1916, master perfumers created a new fragrance in a small perfumer's laboratory in the old town centre of Parma. It was unusually fresh and modern compared to the perfumes of German origin, stronger and more intense, that were then so popular. This was the first real Italian eau de cologne, and it expressed a new sensibility. The most striking thing was the purity of the fragrance produced exclusively with natural ingredients. To this day, its composition has never been changed.

Over the years, the popularity of Acqua di Parma continued to grow. The iconic Art Deco bottle known and loved today was created in the 1930s and instantly saw Colonia become the perfume of the era. For Acqua di Parma international success came in the 1950s, when Hollywood film stars travelled to Italy and discovered Colonia in highly exclusive tailor shops, where it's unmistakeable Italian style and elegance was heightened. By the 1960s, Acqua di Parma had become an exclusive, high society perfume house.

In 1993 Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Diego Della Valle and Paolo Borgomanero, worldwide known among most successful Italian entrepeneurs, invested in Acqua di Parma out of their desire to safeguard an ancient Italian tradition. Growth was rapid: the opening of the first Acqua di Parma boutique in 1998, in via Gesù, Milan, alongside better known names of high fashion and prêt-à-porter, was followed by numerous counters in the most exclusive stores around the world.

Meanwhile, the success of Colonia led to the launch of a wide range of Acqua di Parma products, all true to the characteristics that had made it a byword for Italian sophistication over the years. New interpretations of Colonia were launched, new product lines were created; such as a feminine fragrance, Profumo, Blu Mediterraneo fragrances, and a refined home and leather collection. This evolution gradually widened Acqua di Parma's horizons, enabling it to grow into a successful lifestyle brand.

An important new chapter in the history of Acqua di Parma arrived in 2001, when LVMH bought into Acqua di Parma. This enhanced the brand's international appeal and led to a translation of its values into new lines and products expressing an original concept of contemporary luxury. A new feminine collection was introduced (Le Nobili) and the world of Blu Mediterraneo increased its range with a specific skincare line, the Blu Mediterraneo Italian Resort. In 2008, Acqua di Parma diversified further, into the world of luxury health spas.

All the lines continue to be produced strictly in Italy and are distributed in 36 countries worldwide.


Acqua di Parma is the expression of exclusively Italian savoir vivre and savoir faire. Quality, creativity, elegance and exclusiveness are the values underpinning the Acqua di Parma style. The quality stems from rigorous selection of materials and prestige handcrafting. The creativity gives new forms to a timeless classic. And The exclusiveness is what makes all Acqua di Parma products unique in their celebration of the very essence of beauty. These hallmarks enable aesthetic perfection to grow into an authentic lifestyle. They express luxury that is discreet and never flaunted, always rendered personal, embracing the traditional and the contemporary. Luxury defined by subtle details the inexperienced eye could miss, selection of materials, impeccable manufacturing, handcrafted finishes, perpetuating centuries of tradition to find new life in contemporary designs.

Acqua di Parma products are made with the same dedication and expertise that earned them their initial success. The fragrances are made with the most prestigious essences and extracts. The iconic bottle, with its pure, Art Deco-inspired lines, is made by hand, by master glassmakers, and still has the sophisticated black stopper made of bakelite, the material used to make the controls on radios in the early 20th century. Products are still put together by hand. The stylish cylindrical boxes – the unmistakeable Acqua di Parma "hatboxes" - are made by artisans and hand-embossed with the historic Parma royal seal. The paper still features in the signature Parma Yellow, the colour that has characterised the façades of the city's most elegant buildings since the 18th century. Even the scented candles are still made entirely by hand by Italian craftsmen in painstaking craft processes using selected natural waxes blended with concentrated essences.

The same care is lavished on the shaving accessories and leather goods, with exquisite stitching, prestige materials and sophisticated detailing and finishes.

Writing is like taking the print of your soul

Acqua di Parma effortlessly reinterprets the traditions of Italian heritage with a contemporary twist to create modern classics. Its creations encompass a host of values aimed at a well-travelled, sophisticated, and style-savvy customer.

Acqua di Parma partners with Aurora writing art and design since 1919. Each Aurora pen conveys such values as creativity, quality, and elegance.