As harmonious as a dance, as strict as a theorem, as challenging as the toughest of sports, dressage boasts a long-standing tradition. The traditional sport of aristocrats and generally considered as the highest equestrian style, a timeless, yet utterly modern sport, practised in the world’s most exclusive equestrian clubs, dressage is the object of spectacular competitions.

Training, sequences taking shape, the synergy with the horse perceived at all pace changes. Unique and rewarding moments, now underlined by a new, original fragrance expressing a whole world, whose name is a statement as such. Colonia Club – a fragrance dedicated to men that share the same values and the same attitude towards elegance, that love gathering at their sports club to indulge in noble disciplines, first amongst those: dressage.

New and modern olfactory composition. A new version of the classic spirit of Colonia, whose citrus structure – the hallmark of all Eau de Cologne by Acqua di Parma – is offered with a new, highly refined, elegant energy and freshness. Colonia Club. The scent of exclusive ambiances, of an all-Italian art of living in its most dynamic and modern expression.

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